Autumn’s Eve

Current Weather: Sunny and 71
Current Song: “Them Boys” by Brantly Gilbert
Current Mood: Creative

Ahhh. Autumn. The crisp air. The painted leaves. Bonfires and apple cider. Candied apples and carved pumpkins. The decorations and, of course, Hallowmas. It’s my favorite time of year. It’s also the time of year when the Veil between this realm and the Spirit Realm is at it’s thinnest and spirits of the ancestors return to earth for that single, hallowed night.

See where I got the inspiration for The AEON Files?

Speaking of which, I’ve started work on the fourth case of the series, The Bone Prophet. Characters are coming together, the storyline is evolving, the research is being catalogued, and writing should begin shortly. I’m hoping to get the bulk of it written during NaNoWriMo this November, but with all the distractions around me and the demands made of me, it’s going to be tough.

Good thing I like a challenge. And I have to admit that I look forward to painting the commissioned “Grey Ghost” on the sides of the trailer (I’ll probably video tape it so you can watch my process).

Oh, and in case you hadn’t had a chance to look around, I’ve updated a few things here on WordPress. I’ve added a few pages, including: Events, Books, About Me, and Contact. I did this because my older computer (Windows 7) burned through its battery and I can no longer use it. My new computer (Windows 10) is unable to run the required program to update at the moment. So everything on WordPress is up to date as of today.

And if you have an idea for an event, feel free to get in touch.

I’m going to get back to work.


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