The Bone Prophet: A Glimpse into Book 4

I’m enjoying today’s creativity.
I just came up with the full name of the AEON acronym. It’s: Arcane Entities Opposing the Netherworld (you think it would have been obvious, really). Why didn’t I have it sooner? Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it. I know I previously stated that AEON was once called SEANCE after the founding members of the agency. It was later renamed to AEON, which is in reference to a guardian spirit.
I also finally have a name for the Netherworld’s agency: Netherworld Elite Solders and Tactics; aka: NEST. These guys and gals are exactly like AEON Agents, but they work in opposition to AEON. Their goal is to take over the Mortal Realm. So far you’ve read about Taboo’s influence among the demon ranks, and her bounty on Jinx, and you know that there are agents of the Netherworld, but there was never a name for the group. Now there is.
And then there’s the Knights of the Sovereign Flame, which may or may not be explained in book 4 (It all depends on the mystery demon’s cooperation). What I can tell you is that there will be quite a few exotic Paras making an appearance in this case. But that’s what happens when Asia’s Team Sì (五,5) joins Team Beta in an investigation that has explosive beginnings in Tokyo’s Underground.

As for progress on the story itself, I’m still piecing together the rough outline. Ideas keep coming that throw off my timeline, so I’ve had to redo the whole thing a few times already. But the characters and locations are set, and I have a lot of research done. I hope to start actually writing the tale as part of NaNoWriMo this coming November, but I don’t want to make any guarantees. What I will say is that The Bone Prophet should become available early 2017.


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