Psychotic Muse Strikes Again

If you’re on my personal Facebook friends list, you might already know the news I’m about to break. Of course, that’s only if you were awake at 2am (UTC -6) this morning. Don’t worry, the news isn’t particularly bad.

Before I get into it, let me fill you in on a little something.

As some may know, The Demon Within started out as just a one-off with no plans for any sequels. Then I got the idea of putting werewolves in Ancient Egypt from a friend, and thus The Lycan Pharaoh was born. It was at this point that I started developing ideas for more and more books in what had now become The AEON Files. The number of books reached a pinnacle of fifteen.

I know what you’re thinking. Why fifteen books?! That’s like asking me ‘Why twelve dragons?’ (re: Dragon Diaries). It’s like trying to score a goal in soccer; you can’t just kick the ball straight into the net with all the obstacles in the way. You have to weave through every one of them before you get close enough to attempt to score. The same thing applies to writing these stories. The characters have to overcome certain obstacles in order to grow and reach their goal.

In the case of Dragon Diaries, it takes [SPOILER ALERT!] seven different Keepers nine books to complete their individual character arcs. In The AEON Files, it takes Jinx fifteen books to gain experience and mature enough to pull off what must be done. At the same time, every character is evolving and coming into their own power.

9 + 15… That’s 24 books just in those two series alone. Toldja I’d be writing a while. 😉

Anyway, after finishing the storyline of The Bone Prophet (The AEON Files, #4) yesterday, my psychotic muse decided to hit me over the head with yet another wild idea. Needless to say, it’s going to give me more work, but it’ll be worth it.

See, now there’s going to be a sixteenth book for The AEON Files. I already have the name for it, but I’m not ready to give that away just yet. And, in order for the timeline to work properly, this new one will be displacing The Grimm Kin as the 5th book (that’s the bad news of this whole update).

To be honest, adding another book is going to be really fun.


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