Up to My Eyebrows in Creativity

Evil Monday strikes again! But I promised myself that I’d write a post every Monday, so I guess it’s not totally evil. And my favorite holiday, Hallowmas, is on Monday this year. After that we’re in November, when I’ll be challenging myself once again with NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, when writers all over the world are challenged to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. This year, I’ll be working on The Bone Prophet (The AEON Files, #4). You can keep track of my progress by visiting this page, following me on my Facebook Page or Twitter, or just staying tuned to my Code Name: Author blog (psst! You’re on it now).

Of course, I’m still constantly working on other stuff.

I’m also really excited to start work on book 5 (TSF). I have roughly half of it already outlined already. I’m surprised at how much research I had to do in preparation for this one. It feels like I’ve done more research on this than what I did for The Lycan Pharaoh, and book 2 had a lot of historical facts in it.

And, not only am I working on TSF, I’m also building up Sin’s book. In case you missed the announcement back when I was still working on The Lullaby Shriek, Sin will be getting his own book. He’s a complex character with quite a unique background, so he deserves a book all to himself. Unlike the rest of The AEON Files, which are rated PG13, the formerly titled Codename: Sin (now, TTS) will be rated R — maybe even NC17.

I’m keeping the full titles of these two books a secret for now, and referring to them by their acronyms. Why? ‘Cause I’m evil!

And it’s Monday.

But it’s not just writing that I’m working on. True, it is writing related, but I am currently compiling information into a wiki for The AEON Files. You can check that out here though I haven’t had the opportunity to add pages yet. And I’m trying to create a book trailer.

Of course, getting all this work done would be easier if I wasn’t getting interrupted for things like searching for something no one else seems able to find or raking up leaves (Seriously, why rake up leaves if there’s still millions of them on the trees?! Not to mention, with my right shoulder and wrist being messed up as they are, it’s rather difficult for me to do). But that’s why I made the sign featured above. Unfortunately, no one in the house has taken notice of it yet.

So I’m going to get back to work before something pops up.



PS, A fly just flew into my fresh cup of tea. -_-


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