NaNoWriMo – Week 1

Whoo! What a week it’s been!

I always seem to surprise myself whenever a NaNo event rolls around. How do I manage to write so much in 30 days’ time, but write at a snail’s pace every other day of the year? Maybe it’s the heightened intake of caffeine. Or the fact that I stay up much later because, for some unknown reason, I’m more creative and energetic after the sun goes down. It could also be chocked up to fact that I get almost no interruptions after midnight (with the exception of my fur baby wanting attention).

If you’ve been following me over on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have caught the little snippets and updates on progress I’ve been posting. Of course, I had to take a short break yesterday to watch the latest Dragonball Super episode. Despite the intermission, I still managed to break 16,000 words and start on chapter 7. With all of this progress, I’m thinking that the first of February 2017 (the day celebrating Imbolc) could be the release date for The Bone Prophet.

I’ve been invited to a cover reveal party on November 22, but I’m not sure if TBP will have a completed cover so soon. We’ll see what happens.

And now it’s time for something special. As promised, an excerpt from The Bone Prophet:


A little fact:  If I could maintain the pace of 16,000 words per week, I’d write a whopping 832,000 words over the course of a year. That’s twelve to fourteen novels the length of The AEON Files (60,000 words) every year!

Don’t forget, tomorrow (November 8th) is election day here in the USA. Both candidates for president are the scum of the earth, but please get out and vote. Vote yourself as president. 😉


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