The Bone Prophet – Revealed!

Oops! I went and changed my mind again.

I decided that the original cover was too bland despite all the pretty colors. So I changed it over to black and white. This seems more dramatic to me because of the good vs evil theme throughout the book. And, instead of being just a narrow slit of an image framed in black, I expanded the image to take up most of the cover. And then I changed the font.
In other words, it went from this:


To this:


As an added bonus, this cover comes with its own coloring page. You can get it by visiting me on DeviantArt and Pinterest. And, since I like this cover so much, I’ve decided to redo the other three in a similar manner. So, next year, when my shoulder hopefully works again, I’ll be busy updating them.

Since we’re on the subject of book four…

If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know I have a poll out asking which book you’d like to see teased at the end. Which ever title gets the most votes will not only be teased, but will also be the next book I focus on writing.

That’s right! I’m letting you choose if you want Sin’s story next, or the fifth case of The AEON Files.

So don’t forget to vote.

On a more personal subject… Want to know the most daunting task of writing?

I mean besides trying to write and holding down a day job simultaneously. Or, in my case, filling several commissions at the same time (*glares at birdhouses*).

For many authors, the most challenging parts of writing a book — besides writing the book — is making the blurb, doing all the editing, going through cover designs and redesigns, and writing the synopsis. Sometimes the research is even difficult.

I enjoy all of those things, even the writing. My most draining challenge is: Querying.

I do hours of research on agents and publishers via or Google searches, searching for anyone with an opening on their #MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) I can fill. In my case, YA (Young Adult)/NA (New Adult), paranormal/supernatural, mystery, adventure, thriller. Then I send out letter after letter — all personalized to whomever I’m writing to if I have a specific name.

Then I sit back and wait… And wait… And wait… For any response.

Trust me, the waiting is a killer. And then to receive a rejection… Ugh. Even worse: Never getting a reply.

I have enough rejection letters to wallpaper my room.

But you know what?

I haven’t given up. I’ll keep writing and sending out those query letters because something is bound to happen eventually.

You might be wondering why I even bother trying to get a publishing deal when I already indie publish.

The truth is, self-publishing was always a second-best choice for me because it is expensive. Doing all the marketing and publicity takes a lot of time and money. Just a weekend’s worth of radio ads (6 plays of 30-seconds-long ads over two days) cost me $150. And then there’s posters, flyers, bookmarks, and other gifts to consider. Plus, there’s paying for editing, and even some cover designs (the first Ascension cover featuring the characters cost me $500).

The big houses have vast distribution channels to get into book stores worldwide, and they have people to help with the marketing and event set-up. True, I’d still have to do some of the work myself, but they have the networks established already. The quality of the books is much better, and there’s a greater chance of my writing becoming a movie.

Of course, the bragging rights don’t hurt either. Who wouldn’t want to say, “I’m published by Random House.”?

Besides, some of the best writers are the biggest dreamers.


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