The Cusp of 17

This week marks the twilight of 2016. And this, the final post of the year.

At least, it’s the end of the most recognized, Western calendar.

See, I actually observe or celebrate three new years every 365 days. First is obviously January 1st, when the calendar resets.  The best new year of all is October 31st, the so-called Witches’ New Year. But there’s another one nestled in between, and that is the Lunar New Year. Commonly known as the Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year falls on January 28th of 2017, and gives rise to the Year of the Rooster.

I observe the latter mostly out of respect because, while it’s known that I am Pagan, I’m also Buddhist. But that’s a story for another time. Today, we’re talking new years.

And, while 2016 has thrown a number of challenges at me, both personal and professional, I can at least admit that I stuck to my resolution: Get out and watch more movies. It helps that there have been quite a few good movies released this year. Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Underworld: Blood Wars, Xmen: Apocalypse, Moana, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, were the ones I saw. And my resolution was to go watch at least three movies.

But that begs the question: What’s my resolution for 2017?

Experts say that setting resolutions like going to the gym every day or specific dieting goals (eg, giving up chocolate, losing 10lbs each month) have a high tendency to fail. Speaking from personal experience, I’d have to agree. So, for 2017, my goal is to take better care of myself and, hopefully, return to boxing and archery after my surgery. Either that, or survive the Trump presidency.

Of course, my life’s goal remains the same: get that elusive book deal with one of the big publishing houses.

Speaking of books… I am reminded of something I learned recently.

I have always struggled with writing fight scenes. You’d think that after six books, it would have gotten easier, but it hasn’t. This is mostly due to the fact that I have some training in Karate and kickboxing. So I thought that I had to use the specific terms like southpaw stance, crescent kick, shuto uke (knife hand block), and etc. Turns out, I can be as vague as “blocked a furious punch” or “dodged the sweeping kick” because most readers don’t know or care about the technical terms.

That just leaves the challenge of choreography. Seeing it playing out in my mind is easy. Putting it to paper is the hard part.

Perhaps I should make practicing writing fight scenes another resolution for 2017.

What about you? Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Whether you do or not, doesn’t matter. Resolutions aren’t a requirement.

But I have to be running now. There’s a six foot snowbank to dig out so Pipsqueak can go outside. And even more if I want to get the cars out of the driveway.

I wish you love and light in the year to come.


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