15 Secrets

‘Twas the Ides of March recently, and that gave me the idea to come up with this list of 15 secrets about me that little to no one knows. Yes, some may sound ridiculous, but they are all true.


Here we go!

1. Invisible Eyebrows

I know; it sounds crazy. But if my eyebrows aren’t dyed or colored with an eyebrow pencil, they’re so light that they’re practically invisible. It’s one of the drawbacks of being a redhead (the other being easily burned in the sun).

2. Carry Crystals

Crystals, gemstones, and metals have various magickal properties, so I either wear them or carry a certain selection with me. This selection contains:

  • Amethyst – Transmuting negative to positive, increasing spiritual awareness, calming, protection
  • Aventurine – Creativity, motivation, inner peace, business success, intellect, perception, soothing emotions, clarity, imagination, wealth
  • Calcite – Luck, money, problem resolution, healing, creativity, business success
  • Citrine – Luck, creativity, protection,  optimism,  mental focus, endurance, clarity of thought
  • Copper – Healing, protection, self-esteem, luck, attracting love & money
  • Goldstone – Hope, protection
  • Hematite – Concentration, memory, banishing negativity, clarity, courage, stress relief, energy, healing, divination, grounding, healing
  • Jade – Concentration, harmony, health, protection, luck, stress relief, wisdom
  • Jet – Psychic protection, luck, health, protection from illness & violence, guarding against nightmares
  • Lodestone – Focus, grounding, repelling bad luck, attracting good luck
  • Moonstone – Travel protection, stress relief, luck, clarity, calming emotions, hope, good fortune
  • Quartz – Healing, protection from negative vibrations, meditation, psychic powers, balance
  • Red Jasper – Increasing mental processes, luck, forming barrier against dangerous whims & desires
  • Rose Quartz – Creativity, love, compassion, happiness
  • Silver – Soothing, cleansing, psychic ability, balance, clarity, stress relief
  • Tiger Eye – Protects against external stresses, restores physical energy,  emotional balance, luck, good fortune, travel protection, self-confidence
  • Tourmaline – Creativity, success, prosperity, meditation, grounding
  • Turquoise – Emotional balance, healing, wisdom, psychic development, protection, wealth, courage

I just realized that need to add some smokey quartz to my collection.

*Note: These are the properties for which I use the stones. They have many more.

3. Read Tarot

Tarot is the art of fortune-telling using cards. I’ve heard of people doing it with playing cards, but most use the 78-card, 5-suit tarot deck.

I can’t remember why I started studying tarot, but it can be quite fun. The cards don’t necessarily tell the future, but they can often make you realize things you might not have noticed before. I recall doing a reading for a lady, and kept getting indications of a “white knight”. Turned out, the guy she liked secretly liked her back and saved her from the horrible relationship she was stuck in.

4. Read Palms

I do remember how I started this one. I had to do a research paper for English Lit. I browsed through the school library, and found a palmistry book. It intrigued me, so I learned how to read palms while doing my school work. It still amazes me how much the lines on people’s hands can tell me about them.

5. Loathe Oranges

I can’t stand oranges. It’s not just the taste, the pulp, the seeds, or the despicable peel. Okay; maybe it is. It’s also having a slice of one (with seeds) stuck in your mouth for over an hour because there’s nowhere to spit it out… On the last day you see your grandfather alive.

The only food I hate more than oranges is seafood.

6. Fear Telephones

Yes, I really am telephonephobic. The only reason I have a cell phone is for emergencies. When any phone rings, and I want to either hurl it against a far wall or smash it with a hammer. Only rarely will I answer – and that’s provided I recognize the name or number. And getting me to call someone is a nerve-wracking torment.

The best way to get in touch with me is via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

7. Love Thunderstorms

You know that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on? That’s like me with thunderstorms. I love the sound, smell, and energy of them. I enjoy watching the lightning and hearing the roar of thunder. Often times, I  photograph or take video of them, and I’ve even considered a career in storm chasing.

In fact, my writing soundtrack is a thunderstorm.

8. Bucket List

Yeah, I have a list of things I would like to do before I “kick the bucket.” Honestly, who doesn’t? My list contains things like:

  • Go to Japan
  • Visit Wu Dang Mountain in China
  • Travel Austrailia
  • See the castles of England
  • Get married on Samhain (Halloween)
  • Build my dream house
  • Land a book deal
  • Visit the Badlands of Montana and dig up a dinosaur
  • and many more…

By the way, when I die, I want to be jettisoned into space.

9. Cherokee Roots

In case you ever wondered why I made Jinx half Cherokee, this is why.  I think dad said it was my great, great, great grandfather who married a Cherokee woman. So, I have the blood and some of the physical characteristics, but it isn’t enough to get tribe-affiliated. I’m still proud of my roots.

10. Collect Bottles

I collect decorative bottles. Most of them get put on window sills (if there’s space) so that they catch the light and paint the room in color. Some of the others contain potion compounds and herbs. I put those ones on display like an alchemy lab. I even have a decorative skull and black candles to go with them.

11. Collect Dragons

Along with bottles, I collect dragons. To a few of my readers, this isn’t anything new. But I have enough dragon sculptures to place at least two in every room of my home. And that doesn’t include the artwork or books.

My favorite piece is the metallic blue dragon that holds my crystal ball.

12. Archer

Another personal detail that found its way into Jinx’s menagerie of talents. I’m an archer. I have a Hoyt Raider compound bow with Cobra sights. It’s blue with white arms, and the arrows match it. Honestly though, I’d prefer a nice maple recurve.

13. Summer Camp

I hate summer camp more than I hate oranges. The horseback riding and archery aren’t so bad, but not when it’s 110 degrees and you’re sunburned and badly dehydrated. If I had had the energy, I’d have started a fight with the snobby girl who tried to drown me in my sleep just so they’d send me home.

Trust me, Camp NaNoWriMo is a million times better than a summer camp.

14. Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a mathematical learning disability. When they measured me in 2008, I could barely do math at a 7th grade level (I had graduated high school 4 years prior). But that’s not the only symptom. Like dyslexia, dyscalculia also makes numbers appear as other numbers (3 looks like 8 or 6, 2 looks like 5) and even out of order. I also can read analog clocks or tell my left from my right, which, they say, are more symptoms.

And I still get picked on for it, but it did inspire my poem, Mathematical Nightmare.

15. Classic Cars

I get asked about this quite frequently. Yes, I really do have a collection of restored cars from 1924-1927, 1932, 1939, and 1955. Okay, I admit, the ’55 isn’t restored (the only thing “new” on it is the frame and some primer). But I helped my dad build the 1919 C-Cab from scratch using only a scale model. That car is now mine, as is the ’39 Dodge and an unfinished ’25 “bathtub” (we’re not sure if it’s a Model T or a Dodge yet).


So, there you have it; 15 secrets. What’d you think?


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