What’s In A Name?

I’ve been thinking about this one since March 1st.

See, before my– let’s call it– crash, I was working on a revision of the first book of the AEON series. This was in response to the possibility of getting a literary agent to represent me (aka, my dream come true).

The agent actually took the time to write up extensive feedback (and I seriously can’t thank her enough for that). If you’re new to the whole publishing game, that’s a rather rare thing to recieve as many agents are so busy that they just don’t have the time to write out a two-page email.

Anyway, in this feedback, the agent brought up a problem with the title that I hadn’t considered before then. That being: How popular the title, The Demon Within, is.

According to Amazon, there’s about 466 books with “The Demon Within” title (or something very similar). And that’s not counting movies, songs, games, etc.

With all those books battling for the same attention, mine was lost somewhere around #457. Needless to say, that was a rather sobering shock to the system. It’s actually a miracle anyone ever found it.

And, as I said, this problem has been bothering me since March. What do I call my book? What will set it apart from the rest?

I toyed around with The Secret Self for a while, but, no, that wouldn’t work either. It just didn’t have the right feel to it.

Then I got to thinking of all the other books in the series. THE LYCAN PHARAOH, THE LULLABY SHRIEK, THE BONE PROPHET, THE SOVEREIGN FLAME… I realized that there was a hidden theme in the names that neither The Demon Within nor The Secret Self followed.

That theme was: THE Subject and the Problem

Let me break it down for you.

Every book in The AEON Files starts with “The.” That’s a given. I could probably drop it, but I think it messes up the flow. I’m weird like that.

Then we come to the Subject. This is the thing or person or place that is the main focus in each of the cases. In book 2, the focus was Lycaon, a lycan; book 3, the Lullaby. And so on.

Next we’re going to the Problem. This is the challenge Jinx and the team are facing; the villain or the victim. In book 4, the villain was the one called Prophet; book 5, the victim is the Flame.

Hidden between “subject” and “problem” was the boring and repetitive phrase “and the”. So, scratch those out. What’s left is the theme: “The Subject Problem”

With this in mind, I created a long list of synonyms for the subject and problem in book 1, and finally settled on the new title.



But don’t worry. If you loved it as The Demon Within, you’ll love THE GLASS SHADOW even more now that it’s going through all this editing.


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