About Selena


Selena Inali Raynelif Drake (born May 17, 1986, Minot, North Dakota) is an American author and artist. She is best known for her paranormal thriller series titled The AEON Files, which consists of The Demon Within, The Lycan Pharaoh, The Lullaby Shriek, and the up and coming The Bone Prophet. She is also the author of the Dragon Diaries saga. She currently resides in Minot, North Dakota with her dog, Pipsqueak, where she continues to work on more novels.

Of herself, she says, “I am powered by tea, and can be bribed with gummy bears and cheesecake.”



Drake was born and raised in Minot, North Dakota. Her family members include her parents, David and Cathy, and her elder brother, Nick.

She was home schooled for a few years before first grade, which is when she first took to writing. When she finally entered the school system, she often got in trouble for writing too much. It wasn’t until eighth grade when a book report sparked her imagination, and her passion for writing really took off. In 1998, she started writing Dragon Quest, which would later become her first novel.

It took over ten years, and several complete rewrites for Dragon Quest to evolve into what became Drake’s first novel, Dragon Diaries: Ascension. Ascension was self-published December 2010. It’s sequel, Culmination, was published in June 2012.

During the later months of 2014, Drake decided to combine Ascension and Culmination into one novel titled Dragon Diaries: The Return of the Dragon Keepers. This new version contains an all new beginning and was published February 19, 2015.

The Demon Within sprang into existence during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November of 2013. Intended to be just a one-off, Drake’s love of the characters and the paranormal, kept adding idea after idea. And thus, The AEON Files was born. The Lycan Pharaoh joined the series in 2014, after Drake participated in Camp NaNo.

April of 2016 saw the re-release of The Demon Within, now written entirely from Jinx’s perspective.

September of 2016, The Lullaby Shriek joined The AEON Files, and hinted at even more adventures to come.

Awards and Honors

  • Best Artist of Fargo – City of Fargo, ND, 2015
  • 4 Stars – Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews, 2015
  • Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence – International Poets Society, 2004
  • Editor’s Choice – International Poets Society, 2001-2004
    • For poems: Lost, Avalon, Dragon Keeper, Forever Unknown


  • Thoughts… – 2009
  • Dragon Diaries: Ascension – 2011
  • Dragon Diaries: Culmination – 2012
  • The Demon Within (The AEON Files, #1) – 2013
  • The Lycan Pharaoh (The AEON Files, #2) – 2015
  • The Lullaby Shriek (The AEON Files, #3) – 2016
  • The Bone Prophet (The AEON Files, #4) – 2017