Dragon Diaries


Overview :

Dragon Diaries is a new adult saga of epic fantasy novels. Set in the mythical world of Ithnez, the novels focus mostly on young girls who have the power to summon the legendary Dragons of Light. Each story follows the Dragon Keepers on their adventures as they struggle to overcome the Shadow Keepers and their evil dragons. The series was intended to be a trilogy until further character and world development enhanced the tales. Now the Dragon Diaries Saga is to include nine books.

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The Saga :

Arc One: The Return of the Dragon Keepers

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Book One: Ascension

The battered, old book in her pack is the key, but Xyleena cannot remember why. In fact, all she can remember is waking up in the healer’s wing of the Temple. As she struggles to make sense of it all and the dreams that haunt her, Dimitri, a man who knows exactly what he wants and is willing to do anything to get it, begins his quest for revenge. Disguised, Dimitri, together with his small band of cohorts, sneak into the Temple in search of the key that will unlock the greatest secret on all of Ithnez; the key which lies with Xyleena.

A battle over the book in her possession forces Xyleena onto a quest for answers and her own retribution. Determined to stay one step ahead of Dimitri, she finds herself teaming up with the unlikeliest of allies in the hopes of finding the long lost Dragons of Light. Only with these fabled creatures will Xyleena and her friends be able to save their world from the clutches of Dimitri’s evil plans.

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Book Two: Culmination

The race to find the dragons continues to take both Dragon Keepers all across Ithnez and beyond. With Dimitri’s success of freeing the dreaded Shadow Dragons almost ensured, all the races of the planet must put aside thier differences to come together and take a stand against him. But will Xyleena be able to find all twelve of the Dragons of Light in time?

Available at: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu