The Rejection Obstacle


I did something naughty recently.

Remember how I said there were only eleven books after The Sovereign Flame and The Grimm Kin? Well, my muse and I went a little crazy (nothing new there). See, I was working on the finer details of my outlines for the next few books, and more and more ideas kept coming.

Long story short: I’ve added to the list.  Continue reading


Timelines & Titles


I didn’t do a post last Monday because I was taking a short break from writing to catch up on some commission artwork that had been piling up. While I still have quite a bit of work still to do, today’s blog post is special.


Because it’s release week! And I am about to reveal the titles for the next THREE (yep, I said 3) books within the AEON universe.

But first, a little talk about timelines. Continue reading

Immortalized Personalities


They say writers have multiple personalities.

In a way, this is true. I know that when I write characters, I tend to mold myself into him or her and take on their personality. I live another life with every book I write, and that life will always be in those pages. I guess you could say that’s what being immortal feels like.

Of course, some characters are more fun to write than others. Continue reading

The Cusp of 17


This week marks the twilight of 2016. And this, the final post of the year.

At least, it’s the end of the most recognized, Western calendar.

See, I actually observe or celebrate three new years every 365 days. First is obviously January 1st, when the calendar resets.  The best new year of all is October 31st, the so-called Witches’ New Year. But there’s another one nestled in between, and that is the Lunar New Year. Commonly known as the Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year falls on January 28th of 2017, and gives rise to the Year of the Rooster. Continue reading

The Longest Night


I apologize for being a few days late with this post. It’s no surprise, really, when you consider what time of the year this is. And I’ve been busy trying to fill some last minute commissions. But what better day to share than this? For it is the Winter Solstice; the longest night of the year. Not only does today mark the official start of winter, it is also the Pagan and Wiccan holiday of Yule. Continue reading