15 Secrets


‘Twas the Ides of March recently, and that gave me the idea to come up with this list of 15 secrets about me that little to no one knows. Yes, some may sound ridiculous, but they are all true.


Here we go! Continue reading


Timelines & Titles


I didn’t do a post last Monday because I was taking a short break from writing to catch up on some commission artwork that had been piling up. While I still have quite a bit of work still to do, today’s blog post is special.


Because it’s release week! And I am about to reveal the titles for the next THREE (yep, I said 3) books within the AEON universe.

But first, a little talk about timelines. Continue reading

Writing: An Escape


How many people do you know can honestly say that they attended a two-room school house?

Most would probably answer that their grandparent did. Maybe even a parent. Thirty-year-olds like me probably don’t even come to mind. But that little, red schoolhouse in the picture really was my elementary school. That was Eureka Elementary. Continue reading