The Bone Prophet: A Few Spoilers

I feel the need to warn you that this post includes spoilers from the upcoming 4th novel of The AEON Files. You will be warned before any spoilers occur so that you can avoid them if desired.


NaNoWriMo – Week 1

Whoo! What a week it's been! I always seem to surprise myself whenever a NaNo event rolls around. How do I manage to write so much in 30 days' time, but write at a snail's pace every other day of the year? Maybe it's the heightened intake of caffeine. Or the fact that I stay up much … Continue reading NaNoWriMo – Week 1

Paper, Demons, and… Birdhouses?

Another Monday has arrived. I can't believe how fast the week has flown by. I've been so swamped with my work recently that I didn't even watch the latest Dragonball Super episode yesterday. I know; that's very odd of me. Don't worry though, I got caught up on episode 63 this morning (Trunks vs jigsaw … Continue reading Paper, Demons, and… Birdhouses?

The Bone Prophet: A Glimpse into Book 4

I'm enjoying today's creativity.   I just came up with the full name of the AEON acronym. It's: Arcane Entities Opposing the Netherworld (you think it would have been obvious, really). Why didn't I have it sooner? Honestly, I hadn't really thought about it. I know I previously stated that AEON was once called SEANCE … Continue reading The Bone Prophet: A Glimpse into Book 4