Dawn of The Bone Prophet


Yay! It’s (finally) Samhain!

You might know it better as Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve. No matter what you call it, it’s still the best day of the year for me. Samhain also happens to be my New Year’s Eve. So tomorrow, November first, be the very start of my new year. To celebrate the occasion, I’m having a sale on The AEON Files. You can get the whole series so far for just half the price. All you have to do is use these coupon codes: Continue reading


TLS is Live & Winners Announced


It’s September 2nd here in the state of North Dakota. You know what that means?

The Lullaby Shriek is now available!

Digital copies are available for $1.99 US through:

Printed copies are available for $13.99 through:

And now to name the lucky winners of the #giveaway. The following names were chosen at random from over 50 entrants…

Jordan L.
Parker L.
Caryn R.
Jeremy C.
Nate W.
Abbigayle G.
Alex C.

Congratulations on winning! I hope you all enjoy reading the latest adventure in the The AEON Files.

The Lullaby Shriek Revealed!


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It’s been a little over a year since The Lycan Pharaoh, the second case of The AEON Files, was unleashed. Now it’s time for the bouncing baby brother, The Lullaby Shriek, to take center stage.  Continue reading