The Demon Within


aeon01_sirdcover_etsyThe Demon Within
(The AEON Files, #1)

When fourteen-year-old Cybill Starr stumbles across a bizarre crime scene on her way to school, the last thing she’s expecting is to wind up a murder suspect. But when a team of investigators shows up to ask her a few questions, Cye’s strangely intimate knowledge of details no one else knows puts her in a unique position to help them and she suddenly finds herself a rookie in the AEON Agency.

Cye has little time to adjust to her new role as Jinx in this secret world of paranormal cops and robbers before the case takes a turn for the worse. A maleficent Shadow is on the prowl in Mabon City, and it’s wielding an ancient artifact that can suck the souls right out of its victims. If Jinx and her new AEON teammates can’t stop this demon soon, their souls will be among the harvested.

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