The Lycan Pharaoh


tlp_frontThe Lycaon Pharaoh
(The AEON Files, #2)

Fifteen-year-old Cybil “Jinx” Starr has faced some pretty terrifying foes during the past year as an AEON agent. Shadow Demons. Poltergeists. Psychotic vampires. It comes with the territory when you’re battling against the Netherworld’s attempts to take over.

But even her centuries-old, seasoned teammates never saw anything like this: A strange device of unknown origin has been unearthed in the Valley of the Kings. With its sudden appearance, events throughout history are beginning to change. And when The Lady herself has come to Jinx’s team asking for assistance on this case, it takes everyone by surprise. Even more shocking, The Lady lends them the services of one of the Firsts. But could it be him stirring up the trouble? If Jinx and the gang don’t figure it out soon, they could be erased from history all together….

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